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Albert, Josephine, and Edward, talks about, speculates, and criticizes "Pixar Fest" at the Disneyland Resort. Albert also talks and reflects about how the Who What Where's Why network has just passed three years. A little discussion about Dakota Fanning, Tony and Mario Revolori, from "Please Stand By." Plus what about that Mulan live-action movie, why Hollywood doesn't just buy movie theaters, and more... 

00:10 - Vietgone  
01:56 - shopdisney packaging   
02:43 - Pixar Fest  
13:00 - three years of Who What Where's Why
19:17 - Dakota Fanning, Tony & Mario Revolori  
23:32 - Facebook Originals and TV networks
25:20 - live-action Mulan  
28:35 - hollywood, movie theaters, Cannes, Netflix, MoviePass
33:03 - Broadway HD  
34:52 - TV shows (Jessica Jones, Killing Eve)  

- Vietgone  
- shopdisney.com  
- Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort 
- the Who What Where's Why Venmo account 
- "Please Stand By"  
- live-action Mulan  
- Cannes vs Netflix  
- BroadwayHD  

Edward Hong  


Albert Patrick  
"I Saw That Movie" blog  
the Stuff & Junk Show podcast 
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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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