Stranger Things

Episode 76  (52 mins 44 secs)  Edward, Josephine, Jiaming, and Albert, finally have a discussion about the Netflix TV show "Stranger Things." What they liked. What they don't like. What they think about the fans reactions to the show. Theories on what's going on. Plus, speculations about how Season 2 might be. 

46:58 - After Credits - We reveal the result of the Summer Movie Draft that Jiaming and Albert started four months ago. We also comment about how the 2016 Summer movie season was arguably pretty bad. 

This episode is also part 2 of the 2016 Season Finale of the #whowhatwhereswhy #FacebookLive show. You can watch the live video stream of this at...  

Edward Hong  


Jiaming Liou  

Albert Patrick  

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