The CGI Jungle Book

Episode 55  (46 mins 03 secs)  Albert is joined by his friends from The Grand Geek Gathering (Kathryn, Haley, Tyler) to talk about the Disney live action adaptation of a Disney animated adaptation of the classic story that is "The Jungle Book." 

Tyler goes on tangents here... 
- How many modern Disney live-action films are there? List them... 
- Peter Pan Live
- Actors who can make the whole movie from just one scene
- The Hunchback Of Notre Dame  
- The Avengers of Disney animated turned into live-action heroes
- Tarzan
- Disney's problems with transitions in-between scenes in their movies
- His favorite movie of 2015

After Credits : The upcoming live-action Disney movies

The live recording of this episode is also available (with the unedited content)... 
- Facebook LIVE discussion video of The Jungle Book  




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