• Writer / Director Ari Aster once again gives us an interesting non-typical horror movie, that’s going to make you uncomfortable and disturbed by it.

  • The way the narrative is told should be enough to give you that extra bit of uneasy paranoia while watching it, because you know something bad is suppose to happen.

  • Tonally, the film is spot on. The gradual yet casual tense build up of the events in this movie, punctuated by shocking imagery, are what you should expect from this type of horror experience.

  • Prepare to get weirded out by several scenes in this film.

  • Thematically provocative and captivating in what this movie is trying to tell you. Thought provoking for sure.

  • The supporting cast are great here, but they are overshadowed by Florence Pugh. She continues to prove what a versatile and great actress she is, and is showcasing all her talents as her character Dani.

  • Stuff that happens in the background of some scenes really enhances the whole experience of watching this.

  • The cinematography is simply amazing in this. A visual treat for sure.

  • Considering the subject matter, this is arguably the funniest movie Ari Aster has done so far. Take it as you will.

  • Did I mention that there are definitely moments that are going to make you feel really uncomfortable watching this?


  • There could be a huge flaw with how the movie ends, because I couldn’t get over the potential “real world” repercussions that should surely come about, because of what happened to the characters.

  • Some of the things that Jack Reynor’s character does in this just boggles my mind, to the point where I had to question my suspension of disbelief.

  • There will be people who will just get too weirded out by this movie to actually enjoy it.


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