A Dog's Journey


  • If you liked the previous movie “A Dog’s Purpose,” then by all means you should see this.

  • If you are a huge fan of dogs, then by all means you should see this.

  • If you find comfort in the idea that your dog that has already passed away could be reincarnated just for your benefit, then by all means you should see this.

  • If you are the target audience for this, then expect a crowd pleaser, and probably a tear jerker of a movie.

  • Kathryn Prescott is really good in her role, and plays a sympathetic character that I found myself really invested with what happens to her.

  • The plot progression moves at a good pace, and despite the many cliche moments, it wasn’t hard for the movie to keep my attention.

  • Kudos to the dog actors. What a talented cute bunch to see perform on screen.

  • Is it cheating if I say that every scene involving dogs are just the best ones in the movie?


  • Can’t really deny it, but it really is a derivative story.

  • There are some nitpicky plot things in this movie that kinda bugged me.

  • Story is arguably emotionally manipulative, and pandering.

  • Betty Gilpin’s character was much too cliche for my taste.

  • I never liked the nickname “Boss Dog”


  • In all honesty, they should have switched the titles. This movie should have been “A Dog’s Purpose,” while the previous one should have been “A Dog’s Journey.”

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