Pokemon Detective Pikachu


  • If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then this movie is clearly made for you.

  • If you have no knowledge of the world of Pokemon, there are still a lot to like about this movie.

  • All the pokemon references and easter eggs; as well as the pop culture stuff, are all very fun to see in general.

  • Kudos to the SFX team for bringing Pokemon to life on the big screen.

  • Detective Pikachu himself is super cute, and Ryan Reynolds voicing him is just so very entertaining.

  • Pikachu’s chemistry with Tim; played by Justice Smith, works really well, and is one of the main driving force to go through this movie.

  • The “solve the mystery” premise in itself is pretty solid, and should keep your attention.

  • Best scenes of the movie for me involved a mime character, and a set piece involving a forest.

  • The humor is generally good, and adds greatly to the entertainment factor.

  • There’s a plot reveal conceit regarding a certain character throughout the movie, that really amused me in how they tried to handle it.

  • This reminded me of a time when I was much much younger, being amazed and wowed in seeing the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” live-action movie in theaters way back in 1990. I think in a similar way, Detective Pikachu might be thought of just as fondly by today’s young generation, 30 years from now.


  • Despite some creative plot reveals and whatnot, there’s a certain simplistic, predictable, and basic feel to the story telling, that constantly reminded me at how this movie is really still primarily catering to kids below 17 Years old.

  • There’s nothing in this movie that could truly be considered “challenging” in terms of what it brings new to the table.

  • A lot of those plot turns and reveals are purely in the realm of coincidences, and conveniences, as well as constantly using shorthand to explain away the world building and the character developments.

  • Speaking of which, Lucy Stevens; as played by Kathryn Newton, needs more development to her character. Some will argue that every character; short of Pikachu, general needs more time spent in the character development department.


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