Avengers: Endgame


  • Really felt like a Love letter tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Gave us most of what we wanted to see.

  • Gave us surprises that we liked seeing.

  • Overall story moved at it’s own pace, as it wasn’t afraid to slow things down, and then speed things up when needed.

  • I’m sure it was technically long as it was a 3 hours movie, but it sure didn’t feel like it to me! I could have stayed for another hour if it demanded me to.

  • The main characters gets to really shine here, and does a great job of giving a fitting spotlight to the original core Avengers.

  • Doesn’t skimp out on the drama, and there are tons of great development given to the characters.

  • The chemistry between the cast just felt perfect.

  • So many fun character moments.

  • There were some pleasantly surprising cameos!

  • Action adventure sequences are expectedly entertaining and exciting.

  • Visually, it was expectedly good to watch.

  • That MCU humor is still very much present, and I will always welcome that.


  • Amazing crowd pleasing moments.

  • Emotional and heartbreaking in all the right ways.

  • After watching the movie, you can finally relax in trying to avoid spoilers.


  • There are some convenient plot developments that kinda shows the seams in the writing a bit, and breaks that suspension of disbelief at times.

  • One character in particular doesn’t seem to get a proper treatment at all, and was more of a plot device.

  • You’re going to wish some of those cameo characters have more prominent roles.

  • Some of the visual effects do look a little flawed at times.

  • There are some major plot point scenarios that some people may not completely agree with how they are resolved (or are not resolved) by the end of the movie. Will definitely get you to talk about them though.

  • It doesn’t have those typical MCU mid-credits and end-credits sequences, and there will be people that will be very disappointed by that fact.


  • Thank You to Jon Favreau, and Robert Downey Jr, for jump starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Thank You to Joss Whedon for bringing together the Avengers and introducing Thanos.

  • Thank You to Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, plus Directors Anthony and Joe Russo, for wrapping up an unprecedented ambitious cinematic experience that was over 10 Years and 22 movies worth in the making.

  • Thank You to Kevin Feige for overseeing the whole thing.

  • Thank You to Disney and Marvel Studios for allowing this to happen.

  • Thank You Stan Lee. ‘nuff said.

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