The Curse Of La Llorona


  • Linda Cardellini is good in this, and perfectly plays the audience surrogate to what happens in this movie.

  • Raymond Cruz is a welcome addition to this cast, and gives this movie that extra oomph to make it better than it probably deserves to be.

  • The cinematography and camera work here is excellent.

  • Best thing about this movie are the jumpscare set pieces, and there are several of them. While there’s a predictability to them, I think they earn their jumpscares anyway, due to how effective and clever they were.


  • The demon-ghost character of La Llorona herself is hardly developed or interesting at all.

  • La Llorona in this is relegated to just be the plot device to provide the jumpscares for this movie.  It’s a waste of her character.

  • Some have argued that this movie is also just cultural appropriation of a Latin American folklore legend.

  • While there are some smart things that the characters do, there are far more stupid things that they still do.

  • I like my Conjuring Universe movies to have that bit of feeling realistically grounded despite the supernatural elements, and this one fails at that in many ways.

  • There’s one particular scene, when one of the characters is doing the most incredibly stupid thing that I ever saw in the movie. I wanted to jeer at the screen for such a facepalm worthy scene.


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