• Dumbo is a cute CGI character that earns my attention. They also did a good job making him fly.

  • Danny Devito is widely entertaining when he is on screen.

  • Alan Arkin is also widely entertaining when he is on screen.

  • When the movie is hitting all the right notes, it’s fantastic. A lot of that has to do with the parent-child-family relationship theme throughout the whole premise.

  • The main story connection between Dumbo and the Milly Farrier character, is one of the better plots that drives the movie.

  • Pleasantly surprised at the direction they took with the story of Dumbo, as well as some of the commentaries.

  • I actually appreciated the thematic messages of the movie, and was probably the main reason I wanted to see it through until the end.


  • Despite some good ideas, the majority of the movie is filled with plot cliches, after plot cliches, after plot cliches.

  • Colin Farrell’s character is simply not that interesting, short of one significant plot device.

  • The way the story handles Eva Green’s character and story arc, is disappointingly haphazard.

  • Michael Keaton’s character is too much of a cartoon cliche to be taken seriously.

  • They must have thought they were pretty clever having Michael Buffer do a cameo…

  • The CGI elephants don’t always work on screen at certain times either.


  • I didn’t see any bats or penguins easter eggs…

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