Brittany Runs A Marathon


  • Jillian Bell. She is fantastic here. It’s hard not to root for her to have a positive outcome by the end of this story. Gotta love her snarkiness in this movie as well.

  • Utkarsh Ambudkar. He is very entertaining in this. Part of the fun of this movie is the chemistry he has with Jillian Bell’s character. Gotta love their banter.

  • Michaela Watkins. How can you not love her in this? I just want to give her a high-five for always being good in all the supporting roles she tends to get in movies.

  • While it’s easy to enjoy this film just because of the cast; proven by my previous three positive picks, the story is also very effective as a dramedy. Joy. Laughter. Sadness. Hits you with all the right emotions. Inspirational even.

  • Has some good surprises and plot turns, to keep you hooked into the movie.

  • If a movie about running is able to give you the feeling like you want to take up running yourself, then does that means the movie is even more of a success?


  • Despite it being “based on the true story,” it’s still susceptible to hit some derivative plot tropes.

  • There were a couple of scenes that were cringe worthy, to the point of it being too cliche. Maybe it was true though?

  • Some plot lines weren’t completely resolved to my liking.

  • Not necessarily a movie that I would consider to be very cinematic looking… if you know what I mean.


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