to all the boys i've loved before

Sometimes you really just want the comfort of a familiar romantic-comedy to enjoy watching, and "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is that movie. It can't be denied, but it does follow derivative plot tropes that usually comes with this genre, but I'm however going to say that this movie is able to add it's own fine unique touches to make this film stand out anyway. Kinda like the lead character of this story, who is your typical normal teenage girl that blends in a crowd, but as it goes with the premise, this is the time she stands out. 

Speaking of that lead character to this story, Lana Condor who plays Lara Jean Covey, is one of this movie's secret weapon. She is absolutely charming, and quirky, and energetic, that she just simply jumps out at you to get your attention. Believe me, you're going to find yourself unable to not pay attention to what Lara does. With this movie as proof, Lana Condor is poised to be a strong actress for comedic roles such as this, for many years to come. 

The other secret weapon of this movie are simply the interactions Lara has with the other characters. Somehow this movie was able to create such charming and entertaining scenes involving Lara with her sister Kitty; played by Anna Cathcart, Lara with her older sister Margot; played by Janel Parrish, Lara and Josh, played by Israel Broussard, Lara and Peter, played by Noah Centineo, and even Lara and her Dad; played by John Corbett. All the supporting cast are excellent in this, and I'd like to go deeper with some of those relationships, but we're spoilers free still! 

Based on a young-adult novel by Jenny Han, starring young actors, in a coming-of-age romantic-comedy, it may seem like there isn't much this can offer to other movie watching demographics besides teenagers. There is one important thing that "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" does offer to everybody however, entertainment! While it isn't without it's flaws, this is an enjoyable movie that everybody can absolutely have fun watching. 

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