mile 22

- Iko Uwais and Sam Medina are in this, and they're pretty awesome. 

- You really don't need to watch this movie just to see Iko Uwais and Sam Medina. They can be found in much better films. 
- Just because characters are acting all badass with attitude, does not make them automatically cool.
- Unlikable protagonists simply does not make me enjoy watching this movie. 
- James Silva; as played by Mark Wahlberg, has got to be the most obnoxiously toxic and unlikable character I've ever seen in a movie all year. He is absolutely not a character you want to try and build a franchise around. It makes me angry just thinking about him. 
- Action sequences are serviceable at best. Not terrible, but nothing that exciting either. Which is unfortunate because this movie relies on the action beats to make us like the film. 
- Whole movie felt obnoxious and loud and constantly tries to be in your face. 
- Story thinks it's so clever, but I'm not willing to give it that kind of compliment. 

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