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After watching different film genres from super hero action, historical dramas, to jump-scare-athon horror, sometimes you just want to watch a reliably entertaining romantic-comedy. You know, the genre that hardly gets any fanfare or excitement anymore whenever they are released in theaters? An evergreen genre that's endured throughout the decades, and have produced many well loved and well remembered classics? A so-called "underappreciated" movie genre? Enter, "Set it up." So how is this straight to Netflix rom-com? Surprisingly good. 

Did I say "surprisingly good?" Why is that a questionable answer? Is it because if you watch the promotional trailer for this, you feel like you've already seen the whole movie? Is it because just from a superficial level, it looks like a disposable movie that will be immediately forgotten? Is it because you've seen this kind of movie before and everything about it is just so predictable? Is it because all the plot turns and reveals and twists are oh so derivative? Yeah, that's all generally true. Well then, despite all that, I actually found myself really enjoying this movie anyway. So yeah, the movie was "surprisingly good." 

The movie has a lot of things going for it to further justify why you need to give this a chance. It doesn't need to try hard to be funny. It has very quotable lines that you're going to want to use in real life. It has a relatively straight forward story that's still going to make you want to keep watching until the end. It plays off as a tribute to all the people out there who have ever been an assistant that works way too hard for a horrible boss. It has nice themes and lessons to be learned. It has memorable scenes that are enjoyably executed. It has a fantastic cast. 

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are incredible in this! Zoey is completely adorable in her role as Harper, and Glen is just way too good at delivering his witty one-liners and comebacks as Charlie. They have great chemistry together, and they make it easy to feel invested with their characters. The supporting cast is also great here, from Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs looking like they are having fun playing the demanding bosses, Meredith Hagner as Zoey's supportive best friend, Tituss Burgess as "Creepy Tim," to many others who were able to make a positive mark on the movie despite their brief minor roles.

"Set It Up," is without a doubt, one of the more charmingly delightful and enjoyably entertaining romantic comedies this year, that you might just find the urge to champion to get other people to watch it. This film is the equivalent of comfort-food, but for movies. So despite it's obvious shortcomings as a completely unique product, it's easy for me to forgive any problems I might have had with it. After all, I did like the movie enough because of it's good qualities, and I can't deny that I love the movie despite it's flawed qualities as well. 

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