hearts beat loud

Those of you who already know my tastes in movies, know that I'm a sucker for films about people creating songs and music and the whole "let's start a band" premise. "Hearts Beat Loud" definitely fits that description, and sure enough, I enjoyed the heck out of it. Similar to many modern-style musicals like "Once" or "Band Aid," it also features original songs here, and I'm happy to say that I liked all the songs. In fact, I wish there were more songs. After watching the movie, I did immediately go listen to the whole original movie soundtrack, and I should also mention that the songs were written by Keegan Dewitt. 

Admittedly, since the premise is similar to many of the other modern-style musicals, there can be a derivative feeling to the plot progression. Some would say that it panders a bit, by revisiting some very tried and true plot points that are suppose to generate a specific reaction, as they have done in other movies. The themes involving loving music, or living life, etc, are also similar to those other films, and it's true that some insightful lines of wisdom may seem too precious. I get that some people might consider all that a negative, but as someone who loves these kinds of films, I didn't care. I was all in, and loved giving the movie the exact kind of reactions it wanted from me. 

If you needed more reasons to see this movie, besides the premise, and the songs, then it's the cast. Nick Offerman is fantastic in the role, as somebody who seems to have arrested development, being stuck in a mindset from when he was a young man in a band. On the flip side, Kiersey Clemons is amazing in her role as the daughter, who is actually "the adult" in the family, that's genuinely looking forward to go to college. The thing is that both of them are musically talented, and the scenes where they create or perform songs, are exactly the kinds of scenes that I really dig. Both actors did in fact perform their songs themselves too, which is always appreciated. The supporting cast are also great in this, like Toni Collette, Ted Danson, and Sasha Lane. Each adding their own significant marks to the overall story and themes. Red Hook, New York, in many ways is also a character in this movie, and makes me want to visit that place after seeing this. 

I'd like to mention that I saw "Hearts Beat Loud" on Father's Day, and coincidentally enough, I would easily argue that this is one of the best movies to watch on that day. That Father and Daughter relationship featured here is the heart of this story, and it absolutely engaged me. Writer-Director Brett Haley gave me a small and simple movie that more people need to give a chance, and I for sure will gladly champion it. 

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