A comedy based on a true story could either turn out really well, or crash and burn. Where does "Tag" fall under? Well, to my surprise, I would say that I would put it in the former. I got to give a round of applause to Director Jeff Tomsic, and the ensemble cast, for pulling off a highly entertaining comedy that shouldn't have worked.

I mean c'mon now. Adult men playing a game of Tag, wrecking unnecessary havoc and destruction in the wake of their game? Not only that, but there are some underlying themes and messages that are legitimately worth talking about from this premise? Ridiculous! Believe me that there were moments that I thought the lengths these characters go through just to "tag" somebody were way too outrageous that it should have broken my suspension of disbelief. That's the key phrase right there though, "it should have," but somehow I was having too much fun to care about logic. Although there were some super over-the-top moments that were pushing things a little too far for my taste. 

To be fair, the movie does acknowledge how overly outrageous it all is, and does pay some lip service to the fact that this group of friends go way too far with the game. The look of the background characters who are shocked and confused at what they are witnessing is as far as it goes though. It may be interesting to see the actual repercussions, but that would probably ruin the mood of the movie. Actually, there were some more serious moments that almost derails the comedic momentum of the story, but they make it work anyway. 

Besides the funny dialogue and the stunts, there are three other main reasons to see "Tag." First reason is the cast. The cast have great chemistry to see on screen, and they are very convincing in projecting what it's like to be among best friends. Second reason are the slow-motion sequences during the tag attempts on Jeremy Renner's character. Those slow-mo scenes can seem overdone at first, but I really thought they made good use of it. Third reason are the overall themes and messages. I'm still surprise that this movie actually has some things to say, and I think that's awesome! Solid fun here. 

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