bad samaritan

David Tennant knows how to play a good villain. I should expand on that. David Tennant knows how to play a great, scary, disturbing, creepy, and demented villain that you would not want to meet. There are times when I was admiring how clever his character was , but often times I was horrified at the things he does in this movie. If it isn't obvious by now, if you needed a reason to see this film, watch it for David Tennant. 

As for the movie itself though, to be honest, I was concerned at first. The opening was a bit rough, and made me question if I just walked into a bad film. Then the actual premise actually kicked in, and then I was hooked. This is a pleasantly entertaining suspense crime thriller that you are going to want to see play out until the very end. Yes there are unfortunately still some derivative story beats, plot conveniences, stupid moments, and some cheap jump scares, that brings the quality down a bit. Thankfully, the overall experience from the moment David Tennant comes on screen, until the very last frame, are all pretty solid anyway. 

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that while David Tennant is the guy you want to see here, it's still Robert Sheehan's movie as Sean Falco, the bad samaritan himself. Sheehan is good in this. Really good in the role. While it is despicable that his character burglarizes people's homes, it was easy to still feel sympathy for him, with the horrible situation he finds himself in. It's just a spiral of bad things after another, and it's hard not to feel the same hopelessness his character must have been feeling. 

It's true that as a suspense crime thriller, "Bad Samaritan" isn't exactly unique, nor does it add a lot to the already crowded genre. All you can ask for is to be entertained by the story, the characters, and the set pieces, with that, this film delivers there. 

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