You may want to watch this movie just for Jessie Buckley alone. Her character of Moll is quite the fascinating person here. Those who have felt neglected or under-appreciated by their family or friends are going to probably relate with her very much, or at least sympathize with her. The roller coaster ride of a journey that she goes through in this movie are filled with many moments where you just hope she is making the correct decisions. Maybe those are decisions you yourself would have made, or maybe not. 

A lot of the drama and tension in the premise does revolve primarily around Moll, but it also owes a lot to the character of Pascal Renouf; played excellently by Johnny Flynn. Moll meets this bad boy of a character, and some huge life changing turn of events happens to her from then on. In the backdrop of that relationship and her own life anxieties, there is also a serial killer on the loose, which only makes things even more complicated. The movie follows these three major elements, Moll herself, her relationship with Pascal, and the presence of this serial killer in their town. 

Written and Directed by Michael Pearce, he has a confident way of telling this story. From the seemingly innocent beginnings that's filled with a sense of caution, the rebellious romance that you're going to want to root for, to the final acts of the movie where you just hope there's a happy ending. There will be a point in this movie that you will definitely want to see how it all plays out until the very last frame of this film. Michael Pearce's direction and Jesse Buckely's Moll are simply going to capture your attention until the end credits roll. 

It's not completely easy to describe "Beast" simply as a drama. Some might call it a psychological thriller, or even a murder mystery. Not to mention the romantic angle to the whole thing, although it's not a "Beauty & The Beast" kind of story; just in case that title makes you think that. I thought the movie has solid pacing, but I can imagine some people getting restless as the plot moves along. The movie also wouldn't work on you if you find yourself not caring for the main character, so that's important. However, I think you will care about Moll, and she will make this movie worth seeing. 

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