solo : a star wars story

If you're looking for a Star Wars movie that isn't going to be heavy on your mind and soul, then you may have found that story here. I'm not saying that it's dumb and that you should leave your brain at the door kind of movie, but let's just say that it isn't going to challenge your perception of the franchise like a certain other Star Wars film. Now before you say that I didn't like the movie, you're wrong. 

As the origin story for Han Solo, this movie did a good job checking off the boxes on certain huge character plot background stories that we've been hearing about him for ages. Some might argue that's all the movie did that was interesting, but that's not entirely true. It's not entirely wrong either. The fact of the matter is that if this story was not made in the Star Wars universe, and didn't have characters we already loved, it's flaws would be more obvious. However it is part of the Star Wars franchise, so flaws be damned, this turned out to be an entertaining film. 

The main reason why this was fun to watch was because Alden Ehrenreich was successful in filling in the shoes of Harrison Ford's Han Solo. Alden is charming as heck in the role, and you would be hard pressed to root against him. Then add the great chemistry he has with the always enjoyable Chewbacca, and you can't go wrong with the pair. Not only that, but the rest of the supporting cast are good in this. Woody Harrelson. Emilia Clarke. Donald Glover. Phoebe Waller-Bridge. All playing characters you want to keep watching on screen. L3-3T in particular is quite the scene stealer. 

I already implied that the story is relatively straight forward, and nothing that will blow up genre films. It simply jumps from plot to plot, action set pieces to action set pieces, and location to another location. To me it felt like I watched 3 or 4 TV episodes, stitched together into one 135 minutes film, and each of those episodes are ninety-percent action scenes. Like I said, it's just not a complicated story, because you are mostly just watching action set pieces. That's fun right? 

It's important to just accept that "Solo : A Star Wars Story" isn't suppose to be this epic look at events that are taking place parallel to other huge events taking place in a galactic space war. If I was to give this movie a label to what it is, then I would say that it's closer to heist films than anything else. If you like heist films, then go see this movie. 

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