avengers infinity war


There Are No Spoilers In This Review (I felt like I needed to emphasize this) 

Wow. What. A. Movie. As the culmination of 10 Years with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this one lived up to the wait. Mostly. It's not a perfect film mind you. Although it arguably is, if you judge it specifically on what it set out to be. What it set out to be is a perfect movie adaptation in the spirit of an expansive comic book crossover event, that spans multiple titles, locations, and characters, with heavy ramifications to the combined story lines of a multitude of intellectual properties. That's what this movie is, and that comes with it's positives and negatives. I would say there are so many more positives than negatives though. 

With the knowledge that this is like those comic book crossover events, I would say that the plot is very exciting but simple. However, a lot happens in this movie. A. Lot. The thematic story-lines presented have weighty significance to them, but not exactly deep explorations of them. Several of those themes encourages further discussions though. The huge ensemble cast of different characters is amazing to see on screen, but that also means many of them won't be getting much of the spotlight. Seeing heroes from different teams join forces, never gets old though. 

At 149 minutes, I would say 80% of that are purely action-adventure elements, which makes a case against the movie of just being dumb and loud. I would argue that it's not dumb, but there's a lot of loud stuff happening for sure. The action sequences are just a marvel to behold (pun intended). A lot of creativity went into some of those action scenes, I thought that's especially true with Spider-man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man. It was very easy having my inner 8 year old kid get super excited at what's happening on screen. 

Speaking of the characters. The actors were all as good as they can be in their roles, but this time around we finally get to see Josh Brolin completely as Thanos. He is very good as that character, and is easily the most menacing villain the Marvel heroes have faced yet. I like what the movie and Brolin did with the character, in the personality and looks department. We've been constantly teased about Thanos for many many years now, and I'm happy to say that he lived up to my expectations of him. 

Kudos to Directors Anthony and Joe Russo for managing this very intricate and ambitious juggling act that is "Avengers: Infinity War." What an incredibly enjoyable fun thrill ride of a comic book movie filled with action, comedy, and drama. Even with the relatively simple premise of a story, there is still so much content to digest; due to the complex backstories. Truly a high mark in pure Marvel Comics entertainment that's designed to please a huge audience, but wow did it also take some welcome risks as well that's going to get reactions from people. 

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