This movie is suppose to be about whether the lead character is sane or insane, with the presumption that the reveal will be a big deal. Nope, not really. One thing is for certain though, the situation that she gets herself into is pretty insane. The fact that the premise is something that seems plausible, gives the film a certain level of terrifying horror and suspense because you can believe that this is actually happening to people in the world today. It's believable enough to accept, except for those glaring moments when it's not. 

Some major plot holes occurs in this story that I feel essentially breaks the believability of this movie. I suppose I could excuse the lack of logic to be a commentary on society and the morality of this world, but I don't want to. They just bugged me, because if those plot holes were addressed, the whole story would have gone in a different direction. For convenience sake in service of the plot progression though, I guess those flaws had to happen. 

An interesting fact about this movie is that it was shot using iPhones as the primary camera. It shows. There's a whole low budget feel to this movie, that is suppose to make things feel more real, and uncomfortably personal. In many ways, this method is a success, but in other ways it feels like I shouldn't be watching this on a big screen. 

Claire Foy is good in "Unsane," if it wasn't for the fact she is playing a rather unlikable character. She's sympathetic though. Very sympathetic for sure, as I was definitely invested to see how she was going to get out of this mess that she found herself in. While this movie has it's flaws, you can definitely watch it for Claire Foy though. Even though you are experiencing what is most definitely a horrible time for her character. 

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