anna and the apocalypse

- If you’re looking for a teen pop musical mashed up with the horror zombie movie genre, then definitely check this out.
- The song and dance numbers are entertaining to watch, and I adore the fact that this movie embraces itself as a full fledged musical.
- I should also point out that this movie thankfully doesn’t skimp out on the horror zombie genre side of it, so expect the blood, gore, and deaths that comes with that.
- There’s a nice levity and playfulness to this film that somehow manages to avoid being too annoyingly precious and quirky.
- I feel like I just buried the lead, but one of THE reasons to see this is for Ella Hunt. Her role as Anna is fearless, and she has awesome screen presence, that it’s really easy to get invested with the main plot surrounding her character.
- Along with Ella Hunt, the cast overall are really good in this, from Malcolm Cumming, Sarah Swire, Christopher Leveaux, to Paul Kaye.
- While it has some familiar plot tropes that goes with these genres, it isn’t without some surprises to keep your attention.

- Obviously, if you don’t like the song and dance stuff, or all that zombie horror, then this movie isn’t for you.
- Certain plot developments came off being too expectedly and predictably cliche.
- There will be those that will think that this is too quirky and precious for its own good.
- Some could argue that the movie can feel tonally uneven at certain points, and that fun energetic momentum that you get from the first parts of the movie were unsustainable to carry through until the end of the film.
- Would have liked more of that song and dance stuff quite honestly.

- Would Santa Claus still show up during the zombie apocalypse, or will there be nobody good enough to get gifts anymore?

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Check Out The Music From “Anna And The Apocalypse” (spoilers, I guess)