bird box

- Sandra Bullock is great in this, with what was probably a deceivingly challenging role for an actress to tackle.
- Supporting cast from Trevante Rhodes, to John Malkovich, are good in this too.
- The premise is very fascinating, especially considering the vast amount of apocalyptic movies that are already out there, or the growing amount of sensory deprived stories.
- There are some clever things introduced into the plot, that only makes the world building better than it probably should be.
- Manages to successfully create tense suspenseful moments, especially one particular scene involving driving a vehicle without being able to see out the car windows.
- Narrative of this movie does a good job of keeping my attention throughout the whole thing.

- Honestly, they probably could have made this 20 minutes shorter.
- I don’t think the narrative device of bouncing back between the present time and a flashback was necessary.
- Some of the other supporting characters were kinda useless, and served to just be there as typical archetypes.
- Stupid things and plot conveniences still happen.

- Before you compare this to “A Quiet Place,” just know that this is actually adapting the 2014 book by Josh Malerman. While you’re at it, look up the 2015 novel “The Silence.”

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