mary poppins returns

- Turn on your suspension of disbelief on full blast, and just enjoy the whimsical magic that only Mary Poppins is able to bring to you.  
- It’s not above being silly and a bit unbelievable, but that’s what you should expect from a movie like this. As Mary Poppins would say, "Some stuff and nonsense could be fun! Can you imagine that?" 
- Emily Blunt does a fantastic job as Mary Poppins, and is different enough to make it her own version when compared to Julie Andrews. Some would say Emily Blunt’s version was actually closer to what the character was in the books.
- The rest of the cast were great in it as well, from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Joel Dawson, Nathanael Saleh, and Pixie Davies. I have to give extra props to Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks, who arguably has the most complex character out of all of them.
- The plot seems to deal with more heavier topics in this one, which I suppose I appreciate them making the effort to push the story further than before.
- When I was a kid watching Mary Poppins, the animated sequence was one of my most favorite parts from that movie. It’s the same thing with this installment.
- Movie is charming overall, and should put a smile on your face. It does it’s best to recapture that magic of the 1964 original. Prepare for a huge nostalgia trip.
- The songs are perfectly fine and are catchy enough when watching the movie. I appreciated the cleverness of the lyrics and how the songs can be very intricate.

- Simply put, the songs in this one just aren’t instant classics as with the 1964 original, and it’s likely because they are more complicated to sing along to.
- The story is somehow not as memorable as I hoped it would be, and this is even though this movie attempts to follow the same story beats as the previous one. Some would say that it’s a direct copy.
- There is also one particular tired plot trope that this movie uses, which only makes things more derivative than it needed to be.

- After seeing the movie, listen to the soundtrack. What’s your favorite song? Mine involves balloons ;-)

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