- Viola Davis is amazing and gives this film that dramatic gravitas so very well.
- Elizabeth Debicki has probably one of the best and most nuanced characters in this film.
- Cynthia Erivo is proving to be this energetic dynamo of an actress.
- Daniel Kaluuya is excellent as the antagonist you do not want to mess with.
- Michelle Rodriguez, as well as all the other actors are good too, and everybody gets to have a scene or two where they get to show off their acting prowess.
- From beginning until the very end, I was hooked and on the edge of my seat in anticipation to what was going to happen next.
- There’s a lot to chew on here, from the dramatic plot threads, some social commentary that adds more spice to the narrative, the vulnerable emotional scenes, the exciting plot revelations, to the thrilling action sequences, it’s hard not to give this movie all the attention you’re able to give it.
- Thought provoking themes, and memorable scenes, I was enjoying every minute of this film.
- For just being his fourth feature film, Steve McQueen is fast becoming one of my most favorite Directors today.
- Easily one of the best films that happen to involve women trying to pull off a heist.

- As it goes, if you’ve seen enough of these kinds of movies, there are the expected bits of plot conveniences and predictability here and there.

- that West Highland White Terrier in the movie seemingly unintentionally steals the scenes she’s in

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