- Tilda Swinton goes all out on this one, and she’s awesome for it.
- The movie is perfectly unsettling, creepy, and mysterious.
- Has the perfect tone and mood throughout to keep your attention in anticipation to what’s going on.
- There are some scenes that have some clever use of voice dubbing.
- Manages to show me some scenes that make me feel like I shouldn’t be witnessing something so dark, disturbing, and simply evil.

- Except for some scenes, the movie doesn’t really have a lot of scares at all. Especially if that’s what you’re looking for.
- Some people will argue that it’s too slow and too long.
- Dakota Johnson was hit or miss for me here, but I can see why they chose her for the role of Susie Bannion.
- There were some some plot conveniences that required some suspension of disbelief.

- I’m just going to say it. I liked this version more than the original.

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