all about nina

- Mary Elizabeth Winstead once again proves to be one of the best actresses of her generation.
- If this movie was more high profile, Winstead should be in consideration for getting nominated for best actress of the year.
- Winstead does an amazing job in the role of Nina Geld, who has some incredible character development here, that’s essentially the main anchor and a big reason to see this film.
- Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s killer impression of Kristen Stewart alone makes it worth seeing this.
- Common also does solid work here as Rafe, and the chemistry he has with Nina is captivating, and one of the choice plots to follow in this story.
- This is a good entry in the “Dark Comedy” genre, as it excellently melds some heavy topics mixed in with some provocative humor.

- Due to the dark subject matters, it feels awkward to laugh at some of the humor here.
- There’s a bit of tired stereotyping about Los Angeles life and it’s residents.
- Vomit. I could have lived without the surprising amount of vomit I had to see in this movie.

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