a star is born

The current sentiment is that every generation needs to have a version of “A Star Is Born,” and this one in particular is the fourth version of the story. It does give credence to that sentiment, but at the same time it also starts revealing how outdated this story might already be. It’s essentially the typical romanticized story of a nobody getting discovered for their naturally gifted talent and then becomes a celebrity. It’s a tale as old as time right? Why should you watch another version of that familiar premise? Two names. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Without a doubt there will be many who will watch this just for Lady Gaga, and then there will be those curious to see what Bradley Cooper’s first theatrical directorial debut looks like. What those people will get is a Lady Gaga who continually proves that she can be a great actress, and that Bradley Cooper can make a very personal feeling film, as well as shows us his range as a seasoned actor. The chemistry they have on screen is palpable, and a huge strength of the story telling. Both of them steal scenes left and right, and neither one of them seemed to have out shined each other. Such amazingly strong performances from both of them. Bravo!

Less I forget to mention, both of them can sing! We know Lady Gaga has a fantastic voice and gets to showcase it here with some great songs. Fantastic! Bradley Cooper also has a good singing voice, and gets to show off too with some great songs. Awesome! Choice songs that really won me over here are “Maybe It’s Time,” “Shallow,” “Always Remember Us This Way,” “I’ll Never Love Again,” and “Is That Alright?” Expect one or two of those songs to be played at many forthcoming weddings. Here’s the thing though, I don’t think I completely liked all the songs in the movie, which is disappointing, and kinda ruins my affection for the whole thing. The great songs it does have still makes it worth it though.

The plot progression of the characters played by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is the thematic core of this story, and I can say that I applaud the movie for tackling some heavy subject matters, but at the same time I have to also criticize the film for glossing over some as well. It shares the same problems that many biopics have, in that it makes parts of the story feel too compressed, or it takes some shortcuts just to get to the next big plot point. All the same though, when the movie is good; like a lot of the first half, it’s really really good. I suppose my suggestion is to just put up with some of the weaker aspects?

So yeah, I don’t think “A Star Is Born” is necessarily this perfectly made film, but I really did enjoy it quite a lot. It had certain messages and themes it wanted to relay to me, and I would say that it absolutely succeeded at that. If anything else, definitely see it for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. They were simply phenomenal.

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