the oath

- Ike Barinholtz is at full blown entertaining crazy here, as Actor, Writer, and Director.
- Fantastic cast all around, with some strong work by Billy Magnussen, Tiffany Haddish, and Jon Barinholtz.
- Just watching the escalation and tension grow as the movie moves along into a full blown catastrophe can be very enjoyable to watch.
- If you like to laugh at the ridiculousness of political partisan discourse among families during Thanksgiving, then this is the movie for you.

- If watching a movie that pokes fun at partisan politics isn’t something you’re into, then definitely do not watch this.
- As outrageous and offensive as this movie can be, it oddly didn’t go far enough for me with it’s social commentary into the political climate of today.
- I think the movie played it a little “too safe” in some regards.
- Some plot turns were simply too convenient.

- Oddly enough, I can believe the events of this movie actually happening in real life. Sad.

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