the sisters brothers

- John C Reilly is phenomenal as Eli Sisters, and I’d like to add that he’s a badass in this.
- Joaquin Phoenix is amazing as Charlie Sisters, and brings some subtle complexities to his character.
- Jake Gyllenhaal as John Morris, and Riz Ahmed as Hermann Kermit Warm, are also really really good in this.
- The primary four actors should be enough to check this movie out.
- Premise for the film is solid, and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more stories surrounding the Sisters Brothers.
- There are some good locations, and excellent cinematography, that highlight this Western.
- There are also some great scenes, and interesting set pieces, that were mostly found in the second half of the movie.

- If it wasn’t for the second half, this movie would have been an embarrassing mess.
- I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and impatient during the first half of the movie, even though the plot technically moves along at a decent pace.
- Boring and meandering is another way to describe a lot of the things that happens during the first half; and some in the second half too.
- This really felt like a really long movie, even if it’s just at about 121 minutes long.
- Some few attempts of amusing comedic moments are squandered by the fact the tone of the movie doesn’t exactly justify having them.
- There are some marketing materials for this that implies it being an action-packed western that leans on some comedy, and the actual movie is far from that. Talk about misleading.

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