- It’s weird that the best compliment this is getting is that “it’s actually a good live-action movie that’s based on an anime.”
- Sota Fukushi and Hana Sugisaki are really good in their roles of Ichigo and Rukia respectively.
- The chemistry between Sota and Hana makes it worth investing on where the story takes their characters.
- Manages to cram a lot of plot threads without overwhelming the narrative.
- Action sequences are pretty cool, and there are some nice sword fight choreography here and there.
- I also really liked the premise of the story, and makes me want to actually read the manga or watch the anime versions of this. I guess the movie really did succeed if it encourages me to do so.

- As cool a premise as it is, it’s still manga/anime based, and falls for the same recycled plot tropes that can honestly feel boring to see play out at times.
- Suspension of disbelief is a huge necessity here, although they make some effort to explain some things.
- Some people might feel like the story is moving way too quick for their taste, while some might argue that it feels like a compressed version of a whole TV season (because it is).
- At worst, this movie is just serviceable as an action/fantasy tale, since it doesn’t really push too much boundaries in terms of it’s story.

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