i do until i don't

The whole premise for this movie is not a bad one. It brings up the question as to whether marriage life for these modern times is even sustainable. It looks into this querie with pessimistic and optimistic point of views, which gives the story it's driving narrative. It's not necessarily unique, nor does it add anything truly new to the topic, but it's not a bad one for this film to tackle. I just wished the film could have actually been up to the task of it's premise. 

Writer / Director / Actress Lake Bell seemed a little misguided in how she wanted to do this movie. With the different sets of characters involved in the story, it seems like it's suppose to be some sort of screwball comedy. Unfortunately it's just not that funny. There are many character moments of eccentricities, quirkiness, and awkwardness that are suppose to provide the humor and charm, but it just doesn't work. If it doesn't come off as obnoxious in some areas, it comes off as just too pretentious. 

What also doesn't help is the plot of having a documentary within the movie, which I think is the major flaw of this film. It's unnecessarily distracting, and only makes things more convoluted than it seems like it had to be. I get that it's suppose to add to the zaniness of it all, but it just didn't work on me. Although if it wasn't for the documentary angle, we wouldn't have gotten the silly joke that revolves around the name "Egon," which I actually found funny. 

Although I am pretty dismissive of "I Do... Until I Don't," I actually did like how the final act played out. It seems everything that I didn't like about it had to lead to what the eventual conclusion of the story was going to be. That may be so, but the good final scenes of the movie only made me think that the rest of the film could have been just as good as those. 

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