brigsby bear

Prior to watching the whole movie, the only thing I've seen regarding Brigsby Bear is the teaser trailer. Thankfully that's all the marketing I saw, because it might be best to go into this movie knowing as little as possible, as it will only help add to the weirdness that is this film (feel free to watch the "Evil Arielle Ending" clip from the TV show though). This is a fish-out-of-water tale, with quirky comedic elements, plus a moral story about friendship and family, that is mixed in with the world of Brigsby Bear. Basically, we definitely have an odd movie here. 

Without giving away the premise of this film, who is this made for? This is for anybody that is part of a fandom. This is for those who want to celebrate their fandom with other fans. This is for people who haven't fallen out of love for that TV show they used to watch all the time when they were just little kids. This is for inspired individuals who want to create something in honor of their fandom. This is for everyone that would love to make a movie with their friends and family. 

Part of the charm of this film is the low budget quality feel to it. There's a certain simplicity to everything, that at the same time makes it all a little bit clever as well. Scenes of innocent awkwardness and embarrassment adds to the comedic elements of the movie. While the scenes that contrast the harshness of reality with the attempts of trying to achieve your dreams, gives us a bit of commentary about balancing our idealistic and realistic goals in life.

Some people might argue that the story can be a bit too precious at times, and feels a bit too eager to wear it's heart on it's sleeves. Beyond the quirkiness and the oddness, one could also argue that the story is also not that unique, and have some derivative plot points. With a good cast, an entertaining premise, and a heartwarming core theme, I think most of the negative aspects of this movie can be easily ignored. It's Brigsby Bear, and that should be all the reason you need to check this out. 

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