beatriz at dinner


This is a simple movie predominantly set inside a luxury home, with a small cast, that usually revolves around the characters conversing with each other, and dreamlike shots of cinematography. With that said, this unabashedly jumps into the fray that is the never ending discourse between the liberal democrats and the conservative republicans. It's not ashamed to choose sides either, as it swings heavily on the liberal point of view, and that in itself will alienate most movie goers. 

So what we got here is a story that's content in patronizing to a specific audience that shares it's ideals, and also wants to lecture another set of audience about the errors of their ways. I admit there are some subtlety of showing some shades of grey on each side, but it's also arguably too subtle in many regards. Manipulative is one way to describe this movie, and the characters end up being shallow caricatures on who they represent, that doesn't get to offer anything really insightful about the ideologies that they bring up short of a superficial level. 

The cast is good in this though, in particular Salma Hayek and John Lithgow. Yes they lean quite a bit into exaggerated portrayals of what a liberal hollistic Mexican immigrant and what a white billionaire mogul that hunts for fun might be, but they were fascinating to watch together, so there's that. Even though Hayek and Lithgow made the movie more enjoyable to watch, the film occasionally purposefully throws in some questionable plot turns that are suppose to be thought provoking, but instead only comes off as pretentious. The whole premise of the film could have genuinely been interesting to watch, but unfortunately it all just ends up obnoxious. 

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