transformers the last knight

You know a blockbuster movie franchise is going down the wrong path, when each installment doesn't seem to be in competition on which one is the best (obviously the first one), but which one is the worst. Between Michael Bay's Transformers parts 2 to 5, I have to say that "The Last Knight" takes the crown as the worst of the bunch. What an obnoxious mess of a movie. 

For the longest time now, us fans simply want to watch a Transformers movie where it's focused more on the Transformers themselves. We want less scenes involving human characters that we don't care about, and more scenes of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, etc... What does this movie do? Even MORE scenes of human characters we do not care about. When we do have the transformers on screen, it usually involves four scenarios. One, a scene where a human is either berating a Transformer, or is talking to them like they are some kind of pet or child. Two, an extended sequence where they are in their vehicular form, in what is basically another action scene where we don't really see a robot. Three, a Transformers shooting at something off screen. Four, an actual Transformers vs Transformers fight scene, that usually don't last long enough. 

Speaking of characters, the majority of the Transformers don't have much to do at all, except have a few lines of dialogue, or just to be in the middle of an action sequence. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are absolutely wasted in this movie.  The only Transformer that had some actual spotlight put on them is Cogman; voice acted by Jim Carter, who while he can get rather annoying at times, actually provided some entertaining scenes. Bumblebee has the most screen time out of all of them, but he was still mostly just an ancillary character whose purpose is just to be the token Transformer of a given scene. 

Can we please get a better director and writers for this franchise? Enough with the frenetic action sequences of bullets flying, random things exploding, and unnecessary chase sequences. Those things wouldn't be an issue, if they were at least enjoyably fun to watch. The action in this movie are like a visual representation of what a migraine would look like. The writing for this movie is unfortunately all over the place in it's idiotically unnecessarily convoluted story of trying to link up together all these multiple plot lines, and characters that we aren't given enough reason to care about. I get that they are going for this whole "the world is going to end unless we do something about it" epic story telling, but at least make it entertaining. 

The only ones who seem to be having some fun in this movie are Anthony Hopkins and Jim Carter as Cogman, but they aren't enough to save this. Everybody else are way too serious in a very pretentious way, and that includes the precocious 14 year old girl that we're suppose to feel something for. When it tries to be funny, it almost always falls flat, or just comes off as patronizing to the audience. Here's a word of advice to this movie... a hundred scenes of characters arguing and bantering with one another is only fun if they are executed properly! 

Michael Bay, you, your schizophrenic edits, your love for things blowing up, your ridiculous amount of aspect ratio changes, and your general lack of restraining your indulgences, should really leave this franchise. You've claimed to quit Transformers several times already, and yet you keep coming back. Leave!!! 

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