rough night

As I usually say about funny movies, it's that comedy is subjective. What one person may find funny, another person may not. So did I personally find "Rough Night" hilariously funny? Not really. I laughed a few times, or smiled for some moments acknowledging a joke, but I didn't find anything here that made me genuinely laugh out loud. I did find the farcical premise generally humorous, which is a group of friends trying to party it up for a bachelorette get together, and then things go wrong when somebody dies. It's not an entirely unique plot, but it's not something I would fault them for. There are even certain plot points that do pay off by the end of the movie as well (stay for an important after credits scene), which I can appreciate that they thought the story through enough to pull those off. 

A lot of outrageous things do happen constantly in this movie, but unfortunately just the act of showing something outrageous doesn't automatically mean comedy gold. There's a lot of raunchy humor here, as well as situational comedic scenes, and it seems like it does make many attempts to create memorable funny moments, but a lot of it just falls flat. There is even this one recurring sub-plot involving actor/co-writer Paul W Downs that I found absolutely obnoxious and just plain stupid. Needless to say, logic is absolutely thrown off the window here, but that's neither here nor there. 

I suppose on the positive side of things, I do like the cast. The characters are almost like your typical archetypes of who we are all suppose to find in a movie like this, but it worked regardless because of the decently good chemistry of the cast together. If there was one weak link among the five primary cast members, it's actually Scarlett Johansson who was the least interesting person of the bunch, or Jillian Bell who could be a little annoying at times, Kate McKinnon was odd in a humorous way, Ilana Glazer was amusing with her contradictory ways, and Zoe Kravitz just gets kudos for being in that one particular plot of the movie that involves the neighbors. 

It's unfortunate that this movie didn't really work on me, because it does seem like there will be people who might genuinely enjoy this. I suppose I could just say that if you are a fan of any of the cast, then go ahead and see it anyway. 

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