wonder woman

Gal Gadot! If her supporting role as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman wasn't convincing enough as proof that she is simply excellent in the role, then this movie should finalize that fact. She is great in the action sequences, she is absolutely charming in the fish-out-of-water parts of the movie, and she simply carries the role with aplomb! Gal Gadot is absolutely and easily one of the main reasons to see this film. 

Not only is Gal Gadot excellent here, but Chris Pine is also great as Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman may be the title of this movie, but Steve Trevor is just as integral to the overall story. Their chemistry together is really good, plus I enjoyed how they seem be taking turns playing the fish-out-of-water role as needed by the situation. The supporting characters overall stood out pretty well; especially Said Taghmaoui as Sameer, but the villains of the story are generally underdeveloped even though they serve their purpose to the plot as well as can be. 

The story itself is a nice mixture of different plot threads, from being the origin story of a warrior princess, the small motley band of soldiers on a dangerous mission during World War I, to the more fantastical super powered comic book heroine that's come to save the day. The story isn't exactly the most original thing around as it does have it's fair share of familiar plot tropes, but it is nevertheless well structured and fun to watch, which is thanks to Director Patty Jenkins. Some of the action set pieces found in this movie were very enjoyable to see, and there were heroic moments that just left me awestruck. The final act of the movie did feel a little overcooked though, but it also contains one of the best character moments of the whole thing. Simply put, there was a lot to like about the movie, despite some flaws. 

I should say that going into this movie, I was afraid that it could potentially get very heavy handed with it's feminism theme, which could be a distracting thing in the sense that it might just be pandering to a female audience. There were definitely some scenes that took on that subject matter, either directly, or indirectly, and either in a comedic way, or in a serious fashion. The overall conclusion there is that it wasn't that overbearing, and the feminism theme meshed well with the narrative. If it needs to be mentioned, the story is written by men after all. 

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