What do you get when you combine a vegetarian, a veterinary school, hazing, peer pressure, dance parties, a strong willed older sister, and eating raw meat? You get this movie that is like a combination of multiple different themes that involves a coming-of-age story, sexual awakening, to gore horror scenarios. You also get a movie that was able to get me to squirm uncomfrotably in my seat, by being absolutely disgusted and horrified by what I was witnessing on screen. This movie definitely has scenes that will not be leaving my mind anytime soon. Just, wow. 

In terms of being a horror movie, this isn't exactly a jump-scare-a-thon type, and more in the disturbing side of things. The downward spiral of Justine; this intellectual prodigy that's lacking in some social skills, who discovers something unusual about herself, is quite the journey for us to follow. Garance Marillier is absolutely incredible in the role of Justine, and carries this movie with such confidence; especially considering some of the things that she has to do in this film. A fantastic and captivating tour-de-force on Marillier's part. 

If I didn't make myself clear enough, this isn't a movie for everybody. Some people are likely not going to be able to stomach some of the more gruesome scenes, or just the content of the premise in general. Despite the crazy stuff that happens in this film, there is also a bit of erotica to it, which is likely helped by some of the cinematography in several of Marillier's scenes. Needless to say, the visuals in several of those scenes are beautifully riveting to see, even if you may not want to look at some of them. 

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