beauty and the beast 2017

As far as remakes go, this one doesn't try and stray too far at all from the 1991 version. That's this movie's biggest strength and it's biggest problem. There are remade scenes that actually improved over the original, and there are several that doesn't compare as favorably. The production value of the visuals definitely went all out here, but for certain aspects it is way too over-produced. The familiar songs redone for this version aren't exactly better either; although the Gaston song is done incredibly well here, plus some of the new songs are actually really really good. Basically, there's a lot of hit or miss situations in this adaptation, but thankfully I would say that it's more hit than miss. 

While there are some liberties done with the story and the characters, this is more or less the same tale that is as old as time, that involves the magical elements, the comedic moments, and of course the romance. This classic premise is what successfully keeps this movie together, and it still retains that charm and entertainment value. It can be argued that nostalgia for the Disney animated original also helps the enjoyment factor of this film. The more questionable plot points carried over as well unfortunately, although I have to admit that the additional new story elements were actually very welcome to see here. 

The cast here is overall really good. Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellan, to Emma Thompson are enjoyable as the animated characters of the castle. Kevin Kline adds a great emotional aspect to Belle's Father Maurice. I also really liked Dan Stevens as Beast, doing his best to try and emulate the animated original. I'm now afraid to say that while Emma Watson looks good in the role, she is only really decent and serviceable as Belle. At least there is some successful chemistry between Stevens and Watson. The best character improvement over all here are Luke Evans and Josh Gad, as Gaston and LeFou respectively. Evans and Gad pretty much steals the movie with their scenes, and adds an incredible amount of fun into it. 

Without a doubt, this 2017 live-action version of Beauty & The Beast cannot possibly escape the shadow of the 1991 animated movie, and comparing the two is unavoidable. It's unfortunate, because I could argue that this version is actually a better musical; short of the re-imagined songs that I didn't think work as well that is. 

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