girlfriend's day

So Bob Odenkirk is in this just about from beginning until end, helped write and produce this movie, plus the character he plays is having a horrible time in life which can be amusing to watch. I should mention that this story is about a down on his luck greeting card writer, some proposed new holiday called "Girlfriend's Day," and the competition surrounding it. How often do you watch a movie about that? With Odenkirk's involvement and the quirky premise, I expected this movie to be something very worthwhile to watch. Unfortunately it just doesn't stick the landing. 

There are several plot points in this film that are off kilter enough to be entertaining, like how it holds some reverence and disdain to greeting cards (and it's writers), the bar where writers and poets go to, the lengths to what Odenkirk's character will do to delay his rent, and the somehow noir-ish plot turn that the movie takes. Even with the plot and the talented cast, it still somehow manages to just be mildly amusing at best, which is disappointing to say the least. When the funniest thing I took out from the movie are the two reformed racist characters, then you know there are issues with the direction of this film. Thankfully it's a really short movie at 65 minutes, even though it feels like it's longer than that. 

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