john wick chapter 2

After the first John Wick movie, there is undeniably some high expectations on whether the sequel can match it, or even surpass it in terms of quality. People are going to want to see more elaborate action set pieces. This movie delivers there. People are going to want to see "The Continental Hotel" again. This movie delivers there. People are going to want to see the story expand the world building of this society of killers and assassins. This movie delivers there. People are going to want to see the stakes raised even higher. This movie delivers there. Most importantly, people are going to want to see John Wick continue to be the badass that he is. This movie definitely delivers there. 

Despite it being easy to praise Chapter 2, I actually don't necessarily think this movie surpasses the original, even though there are strong arguments to say that it did achieve that goal. I'll just concede on the fact that it does at least match the previous entry. While this sequel did some things that I had issues with, the good things it does do helps compensate a lot for it's flaws. Several of those awesome action set pieces the movie has comes to mind as one of the good things. In particular all the sequences between John Wick and Cassian; played by Common, were simply fantastic and so entertaining to watch. Everything with Ian McShane's Winston and Lance Reddick's Charon were also very much welcome. 

Now the conceit of this movie is that it does romanticize a hitman's life of violence and fire arms. Lots of deaths caused by bullets here. If you're not okay with that kind of escapist entertainment, then you definitely shouldn't be watching this. Plot wise, the movie does make an attempt to justify not wanting to be part of that world of killers, but that gets easily over shadowed by seeing John Wick taking out so many enemies with such talent, and in such a cool way. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing that. 

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