star wars: the last jedi

If there is one thing that Writer-Director Rian Johnson did correctly with "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," is that he filled the movie with so many memorable moments. Wait wait wait, he also filled it with several genuine surprises as well; shockers even. Hold up, he also snuck in multiple legitimately funny moments, that goes as far as almost poking fun at itself. Oh and I should mention that with the help of cinematographer Steve Yedlin, this movie also showed us an overload of very incredibly striking and jaw-dropping imagery throughout the whole thing. Alright, so Rian Johnson did more than one thing correctly with this movie. 

The story telling is something that I have to give Johnson a lot of kudos. There is a lot of different plot threads going on here, and yet they all connected together very effortlessly. Stories that I will not spoil here obviously; which makes this review a little hard to write, but let's say that it takes chances with the narrative. Successfully I would add. Simple but interesting moments, to sections of pure epicness, this movie has it all. Then it even manages to throw a curve ball here and there when it needs to.  

I have previously said that I thought "Rogue One" really brought the "war" into "Star Wars," but I will now say that this movie tops that. I thought "The Force Awakens" did everything it could to make me like the new characters as much as I did, but this movie proves there's a lot more to like about them. BB-8 is still my favorite of the new cast though, and this movie used him wonderfully. Playing on the nostalgia factor with characters like Leia or Luke definitely helps, and wow did this movie show me some amazing moments with the Star Wars legends. Amazing stuff! 

It should be obvious that I really loved this movie, to the point that I can predict that out of this new trilogy, "The Last Jedi" could easily be my most favorite. Sure, there are things that I could still complain about and had issues with, but let's just say that I immediately wanted to watch it all over again as soon as the end credits started. So as much as you possibly can, try not to spoil this movie before watching it. You'll thank yourself for that. I know I did.  

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