When you watch the marketing trailer for this movie, you immediately get the impression that this is a quirky film. Yes, it does have quirky qualities. You get the impression that it's a bit offbeat with it's story. Yes, the premise can definitely be considered offbeat. You also get the impression that this is going to be a fun romp of a movie watching experience. As an experience watching this movie, I can honestly and personally say that this wasn't a fun movie. Some of the first opening scenes for this movie covers the topic of racism, and another topic about home invasion, for crying out loud. Just in case you're wondering, NO they weren't done in a quirky or humorous way either. 

For a movie that's filled with big name talented actors, and big name talented film makers, how did it become such a mess? I suppose I can blame the directing by George Clooney, in how bland the whole thing feels. This movie has violence, and cursing, and plot surprises, and yet it all somehow still felt so boring. Where's the energy and excitement?! The story itself actually has a uniqueness to it, was technically intriguing, and genuinely had some important themes to tell us, but all that seems to be more of a "looks good on paper" kind of deal. Seemed like such a waste of several good story ideas, that could have been used on a better movie. 

The actors themselves are technically good in this, although Matt Damon's character is sorely underwritten. Didn't much care for Gardner Lodge at all. Julianne Moore's part in this is good, although I wished they went even further than they did with her here. I liked the character progression of Nicky, played excellently well by Noah Jupe. I especially liked Oscar Isaac as Bud Cooper, who genuinely brought this movie to life, and looked like he was having fun with his role. 

With an off-putting tone, the poor attempt at dark humor, and misguided directions, "Suburbicon" is unfortunately not a movie I would recommend. It did have potential to be good too, but they just couldn't stick the landing. 

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