Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


  • There were some nightmarishly creepy imagery that were shown, that I could just imagine will be haunting some 10 Year old kid that’s watching this movie.

  • Has a really good sense of building up that suspension right before that jump scare hits. Some good freights, combined with disturbing imagery? Yes!

  • There were some scares that I was happily surprised went as far as they did in the execution.

  • Some clever scares in this movie. You’ll end up picking and ranking your favorite scary story. My most favorite scary set piece involves a color…

  • The premise is legitimately compelling, and it was easy to get invested in it once the story gets moving (in the scares department).

  • I appreciated the fact that there were some plot developments that moved in a logically natural manner, as I hate it when they find excuses just to waste time from progressing the story.

  • Standout performance by Zoe Colletti as Stella. Convincingly takes the leading character role like a seasoned scream queen.

  • I suppose I appreciate that this scary film is like a solid introductory horror movie for 8 - 12 Year olds. They may as well start with this, before they get into the really traumatic horror films out there.


  • It’s a horror movie that’s targeted more for the 8 - 12 Year old crowd.

  • I wasn’t a big fan of the opening acts, with the character introductions, and the set up for the premise. Made me impatient for the scares already.

  • No shade to the young actors, but the characters Chuck, Auggie, and Tommy, were just not entertaining to me. Well, Chuck had some good lines, I’ll give him that.

  • There were some STUPID STUPID things that happened. Whether it be a character doing an idiotic thing, or some silly plot convenience just to move the story along.

  • Depending on how you take it, the conclusion to the movie may or may not be to your liking.


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