• A movie about strippers stealing money from rich people? It’s a good premise that takes you some places, and isn’t as easy as that description.

  • Story does a good job making the main characters sympathetic enough for us to get behind their criminal act.

  • Story also does a good job making the main characters objectionable enough for us to remember that they are still doing criminal acts.

  • This approach of making the main characters complicated, is what makes them well rounded and three dimensional enough to make us care, and want to see it through until the end.

  • Those main characters BTW are Constance Wu as Destiny, and Jennifer Lopez as Ramona. Both are fantastic in their roles, and both have great chemistry together on screen. Wu and Lopez really do carry the movie.

  • While it’s primarily a drama, there are some fun comedic moments, and good thrilling scenes as well.

  • There are also some titillating scenes that guys will find to be a huge positive. J-Lo doing a strip tease and showcasing her most famous body parts? Yeah that’ll get some of you guys to watch this very feminist film.

  • Writer / Director Lorene Scafaria has some really good stylistic directing choices for certain scenes. Consider me impressed with some of those decisions.

  • There are some great lines spoken by the actresses, but one of the best ones perfectly closes out the movie.


  • There are times it felt like the movie was just spinning its wheels, as there were some scenes that came off as “filler.”

  • Not all of the plot points introduced are resolved, and that might irk some people.

  • The pacing can be a little slow at times.

  • With a 110 minutes runtime, the movie actually felt long to me.

  • “man-hating.” I’m sure there will be people out there that will toss this word around to describe the movie. The POV is a little one-sided, but not completely one-sided.

  • I get it and all, but if the movie is trying to realistically depict strippers stripping for those dolla dolla billz, I expect at least some suggestion that the strippers are actually stripping. Have it done off-frame for all I care, but when a stripper leaves the stage still pretty damn clothed after coming off a dance where she received tons of money, then that’s cheating and breaking my suspension of disbelief. Why am I ranting about this fact? eerrrmmm


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It Chapter Two


  • Needless to say, if you liked the first movie, you’re going to want to see how this story concludes.

  • The casting of the adult versions of the “losers” is simply top notch, and matches the stellar casting of the teenage versions.

  • Great cast overall, with stand out performances by Bill Hader, James Ransome, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jaeden Martell, and also kudos to Joan Gregson for her brief role as Mrs Kersh.

  • Speaking of Bill Hader, I thought he was the real highlight of this film. His jokes mostly landed, and he happens to have the best funny scenes in the movie too.

  • James Ransome as the older version of Eddie Kaspbrak though is absolutely fantastic in how he convincingly feels like an actual adult version of Jack Dylan Grazer’s Eddie Kaspbrak.

  • He’s probably underappreciated by now, but Bill Skarsgard has some great scenes as Pennywise.

  • Visuals effects are generally nice, but it’s really the creature designs that are absolutely amazing. There are some nightmarish stuff to see here.

  • Jump scares are solid. Nothing that should traumatize you, but fun enough to watch them happen on screen.

  • There’s a great first scene that establishes the menacing uneasy tension felt throughout the movie.

  • Chinese restaurant scene. Oh boy. Good job movie!

  • This movie also adds some new themes that expands on the overall story. It’s subtle, but it’s not that deep either, but it fits with the narrative of these characters’ growth.


  • The movie simply did not need to be 2 hours 45 minutes long. It feels like it’s 2 hours 45 minutes long, and I’m pretty sure there were things that could have been excised.

  • Maybe it’s because they figured they could be a bit indulgent with the movie, because there were scenes that I would describe as “fluff” or “filler.”

  • For a movie that’s supposed to be the second chapter, it sure regurgitated familiar plot points from the first movie / chapter. Just imagine watching both movies back to back…

  • The narrative overall felt a little muddy. It didn’t feel tight enough. Some editing of the plot and of scenes in general might have helped.

  • I didn’t think the adult version of Bill was written that well, despite McAvoy being as good as he always is.

  • The ending isn’t completely satisfying, nor are some of the plot threads that are left hanging.

  • of course, there will be those who will complain about the differences between the adaptation and the book.

  • Oh, and some people are going to think it’s not scary enough (I myself didn’t think it’s that scary, but I personally don’t consider that a negative in this case).


  • It Chapter One was released on 8-9-2017. 8+9+2+1+7 = 27.

  • It Chapter One was also released 27 Years after the 1990 mini-series.

  • It Chapter Two was released on 9-6-2019. 9+6+2+1+9 = 27.

  • Warner Bros knows how to pick release dates.

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the Angry Birds Movie 2


  • I’m impressed that this movie absolutely went for it in terms of embracing the wacky premise without apologies.

  • The absurd humor for this movie is more akin to Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies cartoons. Personally that’s what made this movie so darn entertaining.

  • Broad comedy, mixed in with winking self-aware jokes, and satirical humor. I was all for all that.

  • Some of the jokes went kinda dark too. Kudos to this movie for not being afraid to be shocking.

  • No complaints about the cast, they were all good in their roles.

  • The storyline involving Rachel Bloom’s character; “Silver,” is at the heart of this movie. While predictable, I still like what they went for.

  • The storyline involving the hatchlings is by far my favorite out of all of them though.

  • It’s just generally a fun, wacky, and crowd pleaser of an animated movie, that’s open to toss in jokes that only the parents will get.


  • The over-the-top humor is not going to be for everyone.

  • The wacky gonzo style storytelling and premise is not going to be for everyone.

  • The sheer idiotic things that happens in this movie is definitely not going to be for everyone.

  • The jokes do not always land.

  • The resolution to the storylines may not be satisfactory for some people.

  • The addition of the character “Silver” is likely going to ruffle some people’s feathers (pun intended)


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Batman: Hush


  • At its core, the main draw of this movie is the relationship and chemistry between Batman and Catwoman.

  • The main mystery of who the villain Hush is does help drive the plot, and is part of the fun of watching this movie. However you’ll probably still be more invested in seeing how the Batman and Catwoman story plays out.

  • Action sequences are generally entertaining enough to watch, and once again I’d like to point out that seeing Batman and Catwoman in action together is an enjoyable thing to see.

  • There are several sequences that I thought were a lot of fun to see, and were not without some pleasant surprises.

  • The supporting characters of superheroes and supervillains is always a nice thing to add to the movie, especially in how the story utilizes them to the overall plot.

  • Thematically, there were some good things the movie does focus on to challenge the character of Batman.

  • Visually appealing for a comparatively low budgeted animated movie.


  • Despite some significantly important plot developments, the story can be accused of being somewhat generic for a superhero movie.

  • Some of the supporting characters are woefully underdeveloped.

  • The main mastermind villain seems so hidden in the story’s background that he comes off almost like a plot MacGuffin, instead of an actual character that we should be interested in.

  • A few familiar plot tropes, plot holes, plus some plot conveniences here and there. Nothing too distracting.

  • Huge fans of the comic book story might take issues with the changes this movie adaptation makes.


loveditenjoyedit LIKED IT itsokayitsmehitsterrible

You Can Watch Batman: Hush Online NOW

The Peanut Butter Falcon


  • It’s been described as a modern day “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” adventure fable story. It’s an apt description and is one of the reasons the movie is enjoyable to watch.

  • The odd nature of the plot and the characters do give the movie a charming and quaint quality to it.

  • There are some specific scenes where the cinematography looks absolutely amazing.

  • As the movie moved along, I was more and more entertained with where the quirky story was taking me. Definitely an unusual premise, but it works.

  • Kudos to Shia LeBeouf for seemingly putting a lot of intensity into his character Tyler, who is a complicated character to say the least.

  • Fantastic performance by Zack Gottsagen as Zak, who is an odd character that you’re going to want to root for throughout the movie.

  • The chemistry between Tyler and Zak is excellent and will capture your attention. They are the heart of this film, and the main reason this movie works.


  • Plot conveniences. This isn’t a harsh critic and there are reasons they are justified, but they are plot conveniences nonetheless.

  • Pacing issues. Sometimes the story takes too long to move along, and sometimes the story moves too fast.

  • Cliches. Despite the movie feeling a little unique in its own right, it's not without its predictable plot tropes.

  • I don’t think the movie truly knew how to handle the Dakota Johnson’s character of Eleanor, despite the solid effort she puts in the role. She felt underwritten and seems to be more of a convenient plot device than an actual character.


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Angel Has Fallen


  • Do you like Gerard Butler in his super heroically capable secret agent man Mike Banning? This might just be the best version of his character yet.

  • Do you like movies where Morgan Freeman plays the US President? Add this to the list.

  • Would you appreciate the addition of Nick Nolte in a pretty entertaining role for this movie? He’s a crowd pleaser that’s for sure.

  • From a cast that also includes Danny Huston, Lance Reddick, Piper Perabo, Tim Blake Nelson, Jada Pinkett Smith, one cannot say that actors are the weak link in this film.

  • You’re watching this movie for the action thriller aspect? Explosions. Gun fights. Hand to hand combat. Vehicular chases. Yeah, this movie has all that, and they aren’t bad.

  • The story even has a plot that easily hooks you in, and will make you want to see things through until the end.

  • It’s even got some social commentary and themes that’s worth discussing too.

  • Plus what may be the biggest surprise, it’s got a mid-credits sequence that I thought actually made the movie better for it being there.

  • The movie is even written in a way that it’s not even a strong requirement to have seen the previous “…Have Fallen” films. This installment may even be the best one yet.


  • Despite the positives, the whole movie still comes off as a very generic action thriller.

  • Visually it looks like a generic action thriller.

  • The action sequences are very much what you expect from a generic action thriller.

  • The premise of the movie is something you will find in a generic action thriller.

  • It has plot developments that are lazy, illogical, preposterous, too convenient, cliche, and just dumb… like what you might find from a generic action thriller.

  • It’s as memorable as a generic action thriller.

  • The meaning behind the movie’s title is also just embarrassing.


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Ready Or Not


  • The movie makes good use of an excellent premise for a plot.

  • While the story is generally straightforward, there are several good thrilling scenes to see here, and yes they involve some gruesome deaths.

  • Speaking of gruesome deaths. Some are done in a humorous manner, some of them are just brutal, and some of them are wonderfully bloody. Good stuff either way for fans of these kinds of stuff.

  • Plot reveals and twists and surprises. This movie makes good use of all that.

  • There are also some good subtle (or not so subtle) social commentary and thematic ideas that are absolutely worth discussing.

  • As a dark comedy, I did get some good laughs. If not big laughs, I did at least find a lot of the humor to be quite entertaining.

  • While the look of the movie seemed visually generic, there are some good shots and cinematography here and there. Especially of Samara Weaving as her character Grace. Her and her wedding dress goes through a lot here, and there’s a bit of fun watching what becomes of her look from the start of the movie till the end.

  • Speaking of Samara Weaving, she is spectacular in this! From the facial reactions she is able to show us, to her retorts, and her physicality for this movie. All top notch! She is the perfect protagonist to follow here.

  • The supporting cast are great as well though, and part of what makes them work are their very distinctly different personalities. It’s also funny to see them bungle their way through the movie.

  • The final act and the end of the movie is also a nice payoff to everything that came before it.


  • It’s tragically unambitious in execution?

  • Despite some notions of grander themes and commentaries, at its core it’s really just a simple murderous game of hide and seek.

  • It’s not exactly a flashy high budgeted production, so there’s an almost generic straight-to-home-video feel to the movie.

  • Some will argue that the character of Grace is much too capable for us to actually feel that needed tension and danger.


  • A lot of people are saying that Samara Weaving looks like Margot Robbie, but honestly I think she looks more like Emma Stone.

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Good Boys


  • As adults it’s always funny to see naughty kids get into trouble, and this has that in spades.

  • Not only do they get in trouble, but destruction, bodily harm, and law-breaking are all involved. All in the eyes of youthful innocence….. or stupidity.

  • Seeing kids uncomfortably deal with adult matters and get confused by it is also another great avenue for comedy that this movie happily taps into.

  • Kids being ignorant about something, and then act like they know all about it. More hilarity!

  • The pacing in balancing the story and the jokes is nicely done.

  • The creativity in the scenes that move the plot along are quite enjoyable. I would point out some scenes, but no spoilers!

  • The sight gags that this movie shows us. Funny stuff.

  • That montage sequence during the final minutes of the movie. Awesome!

  • The young lead actors, Jacob Tremblay, Keith L Williams, and Brady Noon, are all fantastic. Kudos to them for being game in doing the things they do for this movie, and saying the things they had to say.

  • Shout out to Molly Gordon and Midori Francis for being such an incredible part of the overall story. The movie is only better because of their characters.

  • Add this to the long list of movies about social pressures in school, but I like how this handles that.

  • People have described it as a live-action “South Park,” and I would agree with them.


  • With the amount of hijinks that happen in the movie, there’s a certain amount of unbelievability that has to be tolerated. Suspend your disbelief.

  • Let’s be honest. The reason the jokes in this movie work for adults, is because a lot of it is due to the fact that we are laughing at the kids for trying to act like they are older than they actually are. The innocence of thinking you know everything at a young age, is something we adults can laugh at. Would kids think the movie is funny though?


LOVED IT enjoyeditlikedititsokayitsmehitsterrible

47 Meters Down Uncaged


  • The location of being in the caves of an abandoned city is a setting you don’t normally see in a shark movie. Got to give it credit for that.

  • I have to admire the fact that the movie was able to keep its momentum of continually increasing the danger level that the characters keep facing as the plot moves along.

  • Jump scares are effective enough.

  • Actresses do a fine job of acting scared or tough, as needed. The movie sells that part well.

  • The use of slow-mo in certain scenes were visually great to see.

  • That last 10 minutes was so gonzo unbelievably crazy! Most entertaining part of the movie.

  • There is also a silent exchange between two characters during the final minutes that was absolutely worth it, that I wanted to just clap in approval.


  • It’s not exactly the freshest plot of a movie.

  • The movie takes its sweet time before it actually got me entertained. I was getting impatient during half of it.

  • There was a lot of fluff back-story that I frankly didn’t care about, or needed in this movie. Although one of those back-stories do pay off well at the end (see positives…).

  • As it goes, the characters do not always use the best judgement. That might annoy you.

  • Heck, the characters themselves might just annoy you.

  • People might find factual inaccuracies with the movie, so do suspend your disbelief as much as you can.

  • Some people might actually be disappointed at the fact that this has nothing to do with the previous “47 Meters Down” movie.


  • As far as modern shark movies goes, I still recommend checking out “The Shallows.”

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Blinded By The Light


  • A delightful film that honors and reflects the spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. The songs featured in the movie makes for a great movie soundtrack too. Try not to sing a long.

  • I liked the effects in making Springsteen’s lyrics come alive visually in the movie.

  • The story may feel like your standard coming-of-age style, but it amazingly has a lot more to say in terms of thematic topics.

  • All the topics covered makes for a much more interesting movie to watch than I originally expected. Despite being set in the 1980s, people of today can very much many things to relate with.

  • Viveik Karla as our protagonist Javed is a on point with his character. It’s very easy to feel for the guy.

  • Kulvinder Ghir as Javed’s Father Malik is also amazing in his role. He is arguably going to trigger even more emotions from you.

  • The rest of the supporting cast from Nell Wiliams, Aaron Phagura, Meera Ganatra, Nikita Mehta, are all fantastic as well.

  • This movie has a lot of scenes and set pieces that are going to just grab at you memorably, despite the simplicity of the visual narrative.

  • Some of those scenes involves singing and moving about like it’s a dream sequence, but they were quite joyfully charming to see play out.

  • One of the big last scenes in the movie in particular really moved me.

  • Knowing that the story is based on actual people and events, helps you swallow some of the more exaggerated plot elements.


  • Knowing that the story is based on actual people and events, makes you criticize some of the plot elements that seem too exaggerated.

  • It also doesn’t help that there were several story devices that come off as plot tropes that feel cliche or too familiar.

  • At times the story can feel a little manipulative.

  • Although the movie clearly wants to take it’s time to tell it’s story, I couldn’t help but feel a little impatient at times in wanting things to move faster.

  • For some cases, the movie moved faster than I wanted it too.

  • It felt like I was just watching a compressed season of a TV series, than a properly paced movie.


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